Drop-in LiFePO4 Battery

Reliable Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Made of cylindrical lifepo4 cells or prismatic lifepo4 cells with smart BMS integrated in, our drop-in LiFePO4 battery packs have high charging and discharging performance, which means they are well protected by battery management system and also have high level of safety.

As a lithium battery manufacturer, GreenONE is proficient in designing, manufacturing, and delivering a wide range of robust and durable lithium battery packs with the most competitive prices and top quality. Due to the extensive industry know-how and talented design team, we are able to manufacture a variety of leading-edge lithium battery packs suitable for various applications. At the same time, we consistently place great emphasis on unmatched quality and excellent charging/discharging performances, therefore we strictly comply with the industry-leading standards to manufacture our lithium batteries and conduct various reliability and safety tests to ensure the superior quality is met.

Outstanding Drop-in LiFePO4 Batteries Make You Stand Out

Superb Production Technology

All lithium battery packs adopt the screws connection or laser welding process to ensure the durability and high safety of the lithium battery packs.

High Quality Protection System

All lithium battery packs are well protected by high quality battery management systems to make sure good charging and discharging performance.

Advanced Testing Equipment

All lithium battery packs are well fully tested before delivery in our modern automatic aging test room, we have enough testing ports to meet full inspection for every battery packs.

Mature Quality Inspection

From the incoming materials to production to the shipment, every step of the products must be strictly tested to ensure that every lithium battery pack shipped is 100% qualified


Quality is Our First Priority

Since 2010, we have been consistently engaging in manufacturing robust and reliable lithium battery packs with unmatched quality and cutting edge technology.

To make sure that every lithium battery pack that leaves our factory with excellent quality, we strictly follow the fastidious industry and international standards to manufacture our batteries and conduct a wide range of reliability tests to guarantee both function and quality meet and exceed your exceptions.

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