Professional Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Green ONE Power is proficient in designing and manufacturing robust and versatile lithium batteries with factory prices and unmatched quality to cater to your special industry needs and applications.

  • Creative Engineer Team
  • Extensive Industry Specialism
  • Cutting Edge Equipment
  • Rigorous Quality Control System

Featured Lithium Batteries

We offer a wide range of lithium batteries with cutting edge designs and versatile functions to satisfy your market needs and requirements.


Advanced Lithium Batteries Technology

Backed by our talented engineers and industry-leading R&D capability, we excel in bringing intelligent lithium batteries to make you stand apart from the rest.

Intelligent Battery Management System

The smart BMS can result in high protection of over-charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit control for our lithium battery packs

Fast Charging

High fast charging efficiency, can support 0.5-1 hour fast charging without damage lithium battery packs

Bluetooth Connectivity

A range of Bluetooth connection technology can realize 10 meters operating and monitoring the performance of each lithium battery packs

Ultra Safety

No fire, no explosion, no burnt in abuse conditions for our lithium battery packs

Longer life cycle

Up to 10 times more life than lead-acid batteries for our lithium battery packs

Light Weight

The weight of a lithium battery pack is 1/4th of other comparable batteries such as SMF, lead acid batteries.

Green ONE Power, A Reliable Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Founded in 2010, Green ONE Power is a leading lithium batteries manufacturer engaging in designing and manufacturing intelligent and versatile lithium battery packs such as

drop-in lithium packsenergy storage lithium packsbluetooth lithium packs, and customized lithium packs.

Honed in the lithium battery industry for decades, we have extensive expertise in lithium battery packs and have been exporting our unmatched lithium batteries to more than 50 countries. Due to the genuine commitment to quality and customer services, we have been continuously recognized by top brands and wholesalers all over the world.

Green ONE Power, A leading Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Green ONE Power is a renowned manufacture of the Lithium-ion batteries with large capacity, high performance and complete safety. Each battery pack is designed by our engineers and designers to fit your industry specific requirements.

Comprehensive Customization Gets You All Covered

Supported by a talented engineer team and extensive industry know-how, we are capable of bringing your ideas into finished lithium battery packs and impressing your customers.

12V,24V,48V Lithium Battery Packs

12V Series Lithium Battery Packs

36V,48V,72V Lithium Battery Packs

48V Series Lithium Battery Packs

What Makes Us Your Second to None Manufacturer

Green ONE Power is dedicated to providing you tailored made lithium battery packs solution by saving your cost and guaranteeing you a larger margin.

Compettive Prices

Inhouse manufacturing can minimize production and sourcing costs to guarantee you the cost-effective prices.

On-time Delivery

You don’t need to worry about the delivery date, because we have a mature shipping system to make sure on-time delivery

24/7 Free Tech Assistance

We are always here whenever you need a support

Finest Quality

We have developed direct relationships with the China largest battery cell manufacturers to bring our customers top quality products and services

Drop-in Replacement

We use BCI standard ABS cases for our lithium battery packs, which are easy for replacing of lead-acid batteries

Free Mantainence

No need for maintenance or up keep on the battery itself.

Light Up Your Next Project with Factory Prices!

Professional tailored made Lithium Batteries solutions and versatile Lithium Battery Packs can be provided to cater to your needs and guarantee you profitable ROI.

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